Women at the Well Retreat 2022

The Short Stuff


Due to overwhelming demand we have reached capacity for our 2022 Retreat!

From today any new registrations will be placed on a waiting list in the event vacancies become available.

If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, register by completing the Online Registration Form.

For ladies already registered, final payment can be made by Direct Debit (be sure to include your name in the transaction details)

A/C Name:  Women at the Well
ANZ BSB: 015 566
A/C Number:  294 163 787

God willing we will be able to once again enjoy the fellowship and atmosphere that we’ve come to expect at our weekends together.  In these times of COVID and changing government health regulations, rest assured our duty of care will be for the health and safety of all ladies attending our Retreat.

Although COVID prevented us from gathering for our W@W Retreat for the last two years we pray you will be able to join is in August 2022.  

W@W Committee


To introduce her topic for our Retreat, Liz says the following:

“The Short Stuff”

(Compact quotes for expansive living)

“We often focus on the BIG things when we read our Bibles.  We study whole books of the Bible.  We have camps and conferences where we listen to wonderful studies on the great themes of scripture.  We think about characters, whose lives are written about in great detail and who can inspire or warn us as Christians.  We put the Bible into its historical and cultural context and really try to understand a balanced view of its message.

But sometimes we miss the LITTLE things – short verses that we read over in a millisecond, that seem to be popped into the text without much connection to anything else.  There are a few two or three word quotes that can help us to be better followers of Jesus, if we really stop and think about them.

This weekend we are going to consider 4 of the shortest verses in the Bible, and see how they can impact us in a positive way:

    1. “Jesus wept” – John 11:35
    2. “Pray continually” – 1 Thess 5:17Liz O'Toole, Presenter W@W 2020
    3. “Remember Lot’s wife” – Luke 17:32
    4. “Rejoice always” – 1 Thess 5:16

I’m really excited to be preparing thought-provoking talks on these 9 words, and looking forward to spending a really positive weekend with you all, God willing, in August 2021.

God be with you all in these difficult times. 

With love in Jesus

Liz O’Toole”


W@W Retreat 2020

The W@W committee have decided, sadly, but realistically in the “unprecedented circumstances” of uncertainty, to postpone our annual gathering at Adare in September 2020.

Government restrictions of social isolation, physical distancing, request to stay home plus our duty of care for the health of all our sisters, make it impossible to hold our retreat this year.

However, not to be daunted, we intend to plan a weekend late in August 2021, God willing.  Liz O’Toole is available to be our speaker.  We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, please keep well, keep in touch with one another to bolster our faith in Christ, reach out to help wherever possible as we know how as a community of faithful, spirited women of all ages who enthusiastically seek a deeper relationship with God.

There are encouraging and inspirational thoughts on our FaceBook page: Women at the Well – South Australia.  Worth checking out.

Let’s use this time of physical isolation, to draw closer to God and each other.  

Love in Christ

W@W committee


* * * * * 

Retreat 2019

Our weekend Retreat was relaxing and spiritually uplifting in the comfortable venue of Adare in Victor Harbor, and with beautiful Spring weather to make getting together most enjoyable.

In four sessions over the weekend, Lucy Dangerfield shared her thoughts on God’s amazing gift of grace.

Imagine yourself on trial for a terrible crime, standing in chains before the judge. You know you’re guilty.  All attempts at defence fail.  Then, when it seems hopeless, you hear the sweetest sound…

The first half of the book of Romans crystallizes grace, the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Unique among religions, the gospel centers on a truly amazing grace that frees us from sin, guilt and fear and leads us to peace, joy and righteousness.

You are an active participant in the story of the gospel of grace.  Every day, Jesus stands beside you and offers you his hand.  Having bought you back from sin, he now invites you to choose to accompany him each day.  Even in a world where sin still lurks about and suffering is not yet over, Jesus is working to make you beautiful, joyful and more than a conqueror!  So take his hand, live the story and be filled with amazing grace.

We are not alone.  Thanks to God’s grace we are part of a huge family!

We are not alone. By God's grace we are part of a huge family!

Thank you to all the ladies who attended and participated.  To those who weren’t able to be there, we hope you can join us next time.

Watch this website for further events.

One of Cathy’s talks


WHY call it a RETREAT?

In a busy world of noise, hurry, screens, many demands on our time and energy, our weekend  together aims to s-l-o-w down the pace, be still and allow God to whisper in our hearts. In our quiet times, let’s turn into human beings instead of busy human doings.

We allow yourselves to stop, look and listen wherever we are. Often we are so bloated with words and thoughts, we need to de-bloat.

Give our soul a warm bath. As far as possible, we want our retreat to be a digital detox time, so we turn off the mobile phones whenever possible.

We build into the program an early morning timeslot – START THE DAY WITH GOD – Sit – Pray – Write which is a quiet time to sit comfortably, prayerfully read a passage of Scripture, visualise ourselves in the setting and then write fast all the thoughts and feelings which pop into our heads. We may choose to pray some more. If we date our thoughts, we can look back sometime later to see our insights.

Modern women at an ancient well

Modern women at an ancient well

The Committee has decided to hold a Retreat every other year so that the next one is planned for May 2019.

In alternate years we plan to hold a Study Day.  Check out our ‘Study Day‘ page for notes about past Study Days.

If you want more info about these events, stay tuned to this website or leave your details on the contact form on the Contact Us page.

W@W Committee


Always open to creating new opportunities for growing a closer connection with God and His Son, W@W chose a venue more convenient for many ladies to reach without too much rush on a Friday night.  Adelaide Shores Resort accommodated many of our creature comforts and at the same time gave us access to open green spaces and gardens with the beach nearby on which to spend quiet time with God.

Sister Cathy Strachan, originally hailing from South Africa but now living in Sydney, shared Love in Action in a dynamic, passionate and practical way.  Her thrust was how God showed us to live lovingly for Him in the Old Testament; Jesus showed us how he lived love in action in the New Testament. We take those ideas and live out God’s love in our day in our culture with their help because we love to, not because we have to.  We thank our Father for inviting nearly 80 (we couldn’t fit any more in) women from 16 years old up to 70+ to worship, sing, listen, chat, laugh, eat copiously and make new friends.

“Let us not love with word or with tongue but in deed and truth.” (1 John 3:18)


Stones around the Well

Women at the Well embroidered stones

Not even 40 degree heat could dim the spiritual energy at the 15th Women at the Well weekend retreat held at Encounter Bay, South Australia!

More than 50 women and girls from the ages of 15 to 70+ from many parts of Australia, laughed, sang, chatted, prayed, chatted some more, drank coffee, waxed creative in many ways, chatted even more from dawn to midnight and beyond.  We enjoyed a Festival of fun, food, friendship with the special focus on the Bible and Faith

  • What it is
  • Where it comes from
  • How to nurture it
  • Who or what we have faith/trust/belief IN