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It was at the end of February early March 2020 that COVID-19 came into this world and, along with it, the belief of many that it may be God’s way of saying “Enough already!”

Mankind is destroying His ‘good earth’ and it has to stop!

I began watching permaculture videos and knew that things had to change.

I also listened to a pivotal TED talk from a prominent Scientist, and he said, “All the world’s problems can be fixed in a garden!”

And so I knew I had to have a garden!

I have never had a garden before, because all throughout my marriage, my husband has been a hoarder, collecting things but rarely using them, and so our house was filled with ‘junk’, or as I called it, “The sin which does so easily beset us”.

But the seeds of ‘my garden’ were firmly planted in my mind, although I had no idea how such a garden was to be achieved.

I am physically disabled and use a walker to get around.

But it has been said, “Do the thing and the power will come.”

So, it was on 17th April 2020 that Ali and Trev came to my place.

They had heard of my desire for a garden, and so on this momentous day they arrived equipped with tools, and manure and mulch.

Trevor set about enclosing my veranda with plastic sheeting, while Ali began building me a garden.

By the time they left, I had witnessed ‘a miracle’, and just as “the word became flesh,” my ‘garden of Eden’ had become a reality.

I hired Raff, a gardener, who began building a pathway around my unit so that I could walk to the gate at the bottom of my garden. 

This gate had always been there but was fixed shut.

If opened, it would give entrance to the Airport Authority’s land at the back of Jeff’s property.

Raff, my gardener, turned out to be a handyman ‘par excellence’ and he said he could ‘fix it’.

And so my ‘doorway into heaven’ was opened and Raff paved me a ‘stairway into heaven’.

And my life changed.

I not only had a ‘Garden of Eden’, but I also had a doorway in ‘heaven’ and a ‘stairway to heaven’.

All I needed now was ‘the fruits of the spirit’, in ‘heaven’!

But that seemed to be an impossibility.

I wrote to the Airport Authority and a month or two passed.

One day I was sitting in my walker out in ‘heaven’, praying to my God, when two men (angels??) came up to me.

“Are you Fay Berry” one young man asked?

“Yes, I am”, I replied.

We are from the ‘Authority’ and we have come to tell you that your request has been granted, and you are free to plant fruit trees in ‘heaven’.

And so in August, Raff planted 12 fruit trees, and we called them our ‘fruits of the spirit’.

And now every day I live my parable.

I go out into my ‘garden of Eden’, and I walk along my ‘stairway to heaven’ and pass though my ‘door in heaven’ out into the ‘expanse of heaven’  where I pray for ‘the fruits of the spirit’.

And this is the way I “occupy till he comes.”

Fay Berry, 2020.