W@W Retreat session

We are a group of spirited women of all ages who enthusiastically seek a deeper relationship with God, our Creator.

We spend at least one weekend every year encouraging one another to explore the Bible, enjoy the beauty of Creation, have fun, make new friends, sing, pray, chat and generally have a spiritually rejuvenating time together.

We meet on the third Friday of every month to discuss a Bible topic and spend one day during the year to meet and consider a subject relevant to women.

Moreover, whenever we can, we support worthy causes financially, eg Girls’ education in Kenya, the Fistula Foundation, and refurbishing a well in India which provides water for 30 people.

Study God's Book of Life, the Bible

We started in South Australia in 2003 and since then Women at the Well has taken off interstate and overseas.

All women wanting to join us in our activities are very welcome.  Activities include monthly Bible Studies, our Retreat and Study Day. 

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Let us walk together in God's way


You don’t get hope, you grow it

Forgiveness is not an act; it’s a process

It’s not about you, it’s about God

Where you start isn’t where you end


Think of a pumpkin seed.  We could dry it, roast it, sprinkle it with salt, and eat it.  Hardly nourishing or sustaining!

Or, we could plant the seed, water it, fertilise it, and watch it develop into a plant that looks nothing like the seed we put into the ground.  Fruit will develop on the vine, grow to maturity and produce more seeds, which will yield more plants and more fruit– an abundance from one seed.  Seeds are new beginnings, a continuation of life.

What an awesome variety of plants God has created.  Think of the golden sunflowers with their bright faces always turning to the sun; fragrant roses, elegant orchids, delicate violets.  God made some plants to grow in marshy areas, others survive extreme conditions in deserts, others in cold mountainous regions.  Some even grow underwater!  Consider what God says about mustard seeds, lilies of the field, and the mighty cedars of Lebanon.

Wherever we go we see that God has already been there, decorating the earth with a carpet of colour, or hiding treasures among rocks for us to find.  God has provided for our needs, and delights for our senses.

We are God’s seeds, His children, held in His hands, safe, secure, close.  Each one of us has been uniquely created, beautiful, special, loved, nurtured to maturity and given a variety of talents and strengths.  We grow in His love where He has planted us and bear fruit to His glory.

Give praise to the Lord who has done all things most wondrously.  Yes indeed, let us praise our Lord!